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4 Signs Your Relationship is Failing


Relationships are made to succeed and not the other way around. As a human being, keeping a strong relationship is both challenging and demanding. In most cases, we end up exhausted and stressed out emotionally and physically. However, we still do our best to stop it from failing.

If you are giving it your all and still find your partner unhappy, perhaps your relationship isn’t working for the two of you. Contrary to popular belief, men can also tell if there’s something wrong with the connection. You don’t need women’s intuition to detect abnormalities with your affair. In fact, all you need are little clues. Here are 3 signs that will tell you that your relationship is failing:

  1. You Always See the Mistakesfailing relationships are unhealthy. It’s quite easy to tell if your going nowhere with your partner. One of the best signs is that either or both of you see the mistakes. Instead of appreciating the good things, you often ignore them and keep on talking about the failures.
  2. No More Intimate Moments – intimacy is a good measuring stick of your relationship. If your partner no longer hugs or kisses you, then there’s something wrong. How’s your partner at night or when you’re in bed? If there’s no more love making, then your relationship is in doom.
  3. No More Excitement – if your partner is no longer excited to see you, there’s definitely a problem. It can either be one or both of you. Sometimes, couples just need some excitement in their lives. Adult toys are made to add more thrill to love making. You can buy sex toys online if you want to try a different approach to an intimate night with your partner.
  4. Lack of Support – if you no longer get any kind of support, then you need to wake up. Couples usually support each other to the point that they sacrifice just to help the other succeed. If you don’t feel supported, then there’s no point in trying hard. The lack of support is a clear sign that both of you need to sit down and talk things over.

Keep out for unhealthy signs. These are early clues that you’re in a sinking ship with your better half. Wise couples find solution to keep their relationship afloat during difficult times. It’s common for couples to go through hell from time to time. After all, there’s no perfect relationship in this world.

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